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Gender-Based Violence Programme And Support

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We want to fight domestic violence together with you, by empowering you

As a Nammed medical aid member, you can join our gender-based violence programme and receive the support you need to evolve from being a victim to becoming a survivor. If you or one of your family members is in an abusive relationship, we are here to help, and will do everything possible to offer the solutions and support needed to work through it.

To do so, we offer a unique four-week course that is aimed specifically at rising above and overcoming abuse. During this gender-based violence programme, you can expect the following:

  • Group therapy carried out by psychologists and social workers
  • Individual counselling carried out by psychologists and social workers
  • Interactions with former survivors where you can learn from their experience and advice
  • You will learn psychological methods to handle negative emotions and stress
  • You will learn the narrative techniques needed to express and speak about your fears and feelings
  • Comprehensive support from our network

In addition to this, all of our counsellors are fully equipped to act and support you in cases of acute danger. You are never alone. All genders are welcome. We care about you and your family and regard your safety and wellbeing as our number one priority. 

Sign up for our gender-based violence programme today and get the support you need to become an empowered individual.

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Or call our hotline: 081 703 7203

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