View My Account With Nammed Medical Aid Fund

View My Account With Nammed Medical Aid

All of your account information is stored securely within our system and kept 100% private at all times. You can access your personal account by clicking this link

If you’re experiencing difficulties with the link, please copy and paste the following URL into your web browser: 

Your Nammed Medical Aid Card

All Nammed medical aid members will be issued a membership card containing their unique membership number. The membership card has the details of the principal member as well as the dependants listed on the back. We advise all members to keep their cards on them, as you never know when you might need access to your medical aid details.

Making Claims And Using Your Medical Aid

When making claims through healthcare providers, the process can differ according to the provider. You will need to provide your membership details to make any claims. Some healthcare providers will claim directly from Nammed, however, a co-payment may apply. 

Members are advised to confirm benefits upfront, and to request authorisation when planning major procedures.

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