Nammed Additional Services And Healthcare Benefits

Additional Services

Nammed is proud to offer a range of special benefits that are geared towards adding more value to our member’s lives. 

Insurance Products

The Nammed insurance products are an additional service that give you more cover where you might need it. Find out more about these options here.

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Rewards Bank

Rewards Bank is an additional service on offer from Nammed medical aid fund that adds additional monetary benefits in accordance with the service. Find out more.

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Dental Benefits

Select Nammed medical aid options offer dental benefits. Enjoy basic conservative dentistry on Active, Essential, Standard and Comprehensive options. Read more.

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HIV / AIDS Programme

The HIV / AIDS Programme from Nammed medical aid fund is an additional service that is tailored to each individual's needs. Find out more here.

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Gender-Based Violence Programme

The Gender-Based Violence Programme is an additional service from Nammed that empowers members to take action in the fight against domestic abuse. Sign up now.

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